Service Scope


Webscenter translation, optimization and submission services targets those customers intending to globalize their business by helping them build up Internet presence in countries all over the world. Web site translation and optimization is a key Internet marketing strategy to stay competitive in a rapidly growing global market. It allows for greater market penetration in foreign countries and enables you to better position your products to reach an international audience.

The complete and accurate translation of your company's site is vital to your success. Automated translation services such as Babblefish provide rough translations that do not fully take into account the syntax, grammar, or structural forms peculiar to individual languages. If you want to address international markets, it is critical that the foreign language content in your Web site can accurately convey your marketing message. High-quality translations require experienced human translators to present the web content in a professional manner.

Webscenter Translation Services are currently available for the following languages: French, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Greek, Dutch, and Russian. Please call customer service if you need translation service for other languages!

    Our Translation, Optimization, and Submission Service includes the following steps:
    1) We optimize your Meta tags
    2) We translate your optimized web page
    3) We send the translated Webpage to you
    4) Your Webmaster upload translated homepage to your server
    5) You send us your new translated homepage URL address
    6) We submit your translated homepage URL to language specific search engines
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