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Our Clients

Our clients come from different classes including small to medium-sized business, students, individuals... They all enjoy our low-cost, reliable, speedy, and excellent services. Do you want to succeed in the Internet Age? Give us a call or become a member of Webscenter.com and enjoy our service today.

All across the world More than 5,000 customers are now using Web services offered by webscenter.

We have a lot of clients (over 5000 clients) using our different services such as Web Hosting, Web Design, Web Optimization, Network Consultancy, ERP System etc. They includes SME, medium sized and also listed companies. .
Since we launch out web services in 2000, we are continuously serving our customers, small and large. We host thousands of Web sites and applications for clients based in Hong Kong and in countries from Taiwan to China, Singapore to London, Sydney to United States.

Our hosting servers are placed in data center within the advanced Web hosting complexes equipped with the finest hardware and software. Our data center supports our customers' Web sites and applications with exceptional redundancy, reliability, speed, and security. With the datacenter facility, you will not query about why we are offering 99% uptime guarantee.

Service commitment

Nowadays, a company's Web site is critical to its ability to compete and succeed. We recognize our mission-critical role. Our top priority is to provide high-quality and reliable web services to all customers. We are pleased that this dedication has been recognized by our clients.

Webscenter is truly dedicated to providing the best budget web hosting, design, promotion and related services for your personal and business web sites. We are located in Hong Kong.


We have got rich experience in web business with dedicated professional services. Over the past couple of years, we have developed into the Internet's leading web servicing company, offering various web services for businesses of all sizes.

Service Reliability

We provide a world-class infrastructure and superior network so you can avoid costly investments in hardware, software and IT staffing. We build redundancy in every part of our network to ensure your web site stays up and your customers find you with ease.

Service Scalability

We offer different web servicing plans according to your business needs. As your business grows, so can your web site be upgraded with more advanced features and tools.

24 x 7 Customer Service and Support

Powerful features are not the only thing that's a few clicks away at Webscenter. Our support desk is staffed 24x7 by knowledgeable and friendly support technicians.

Value Added Services

We invite you to compare us to other web companies. Don't just compare costs, compare the networks, the services, the features, customer support and any other aspects that may be important to you. You simply won't find a better web servicing companies with so much added value than webscenter.

User Friendly Services

While we cannot eliminate all learning curves, Webscenter strives to make our services as user friendly as any you will find. With our easy to use DIY web design, Webstore or even the account control panels for our hosting plans, our powerful features are never more than a few clicks away.


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