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Webscenter's FAQ-General

1. Why do I need web hosting?

2. Where is the servers located? And how is the bandwidth of the datacenter?

3. What is the difference between"Domain Registeration User" and "Domain Registeration with Web Hosting User" ?

4. DoesWebscenter provide any trial account ?

5. Is the pricing and service plan details substainable if I purchase it under special offer ?

6. Why choose Webscenter for web hosting?

7. Do Webscenter provide internet connection service broadband/dial-up services?

8. Do you offer web page design services?


1. Why do I need web hosting?
Internet marketing is the most cost-effective way to promote your business in today's society. Having a professional presentation in your Website is the first step. The second thing is to choose a trustworthy web hosting partner to provide security support for your web pages. Then you are ready to run a round-the-clock, staff free business online.

2.Where is the servers located ?
And how is the bandwidth of the datacenter?Webscenter' s Server uses both Linux and Window O/S, located at Hong Kong's Datacenter, equipped with over 1300Mbps bandwidth connected to HKIX¡¢Netplus¡¢UUNET. We allocate fixed bandwidth to clients according to different subscribed plans¡£

3. What is the difference between "Domain Registration User" and "Domain Registration with Web Hosting User"?
"Domain Registration User" refers to users who registered their domain name through Webscenter but do not use our web-hosting service. "Domain Registeration with web-hosting user" refers to user who registered their domain name through Webscenter and also use our web-hosting service at the same time.

4. Do Webscenter provide any trial account?
Webscenter do not provide any trial account for clients, but you can try to browse our own websites to test the speed.

5. Is the pricing and service plan details substainable if I purchase it under special offer?
Usually, the pricing and the service plan may be maintained after expiry date even if they are purchased under special offer.

6. Why choose Webscenter for web hosting?
Webscenter is formed by a group of networking and Internet professionals who have years of experience in Internet project management. Besides our expertise, Webscenter offers the most up-to-date technologies to support your Internet business. This includes Web Promotion and Design, etc. Our highest bandwidth provides you the fastest speed for your customers to access your Websites. With our strong technical support and affordable price, Webscenter is, by far, the most competitive web hosting company in Hong Kong.

7. Do Webscenter provide any internet connection services such as broadband/dial-up services?
We do not provide any internet connection service such as broadband/dial-up for the time being. Users have to use an ISP to get access to the internet first. Once you are connected to the internet, you could upload your web pages to our server or download emails from our servers.

8. Do you offer web page design services?
Yes. We offer both DIY and customized design services.Hosting

1) What is Web Hosting?
Web Hosting provides a home for your web site on the internet. To establish internet presence, the first step is to register your own domain name which will become your unique address on the World Wide Web. Having your own domain name registered does not mean that you could be located. You need to rent web space from a Web Hosting company like us.

2) What is bandwidth or data transfer? What is the data trasnfer limit ?
Bandwidth or data transfer refers to the amount of traffic that is coming and going from your web site. For example, if your welcome page totals 5k, every time someone looks at your web page, 5k of information is being sent to their computer. If you have images or photographs on your site, this will increase the amount of traffic used. Data Transfer is the total size of file transferred and generated from ftp upload, download and browsing web pages from your account. All hosting plans are generally without data transfer limitation.

3) Is the data transfer speed different for different hosting plan?
No, all clients are using similar servers and have similar data transfer rate.

4) Chat Room is allowed or not?
Chatroom is prohibited as it consumes too much the server resources. If you really need to set up Chatroom, we recommend to rend dedicated server.

5) Is Forum allowed or not?
Forum is allowed as long as the bandwidth or server resources are not overused. CGI based forum is not recommended as it consumes too much the server resources. PHP script is recommended for forum purpose.

6) Do Webscenter allows clients to store, publish or distribute any multi-media files and software such as mp3, realplayers?
Yes, if you are the owner or have the copyright from the related authorities. Otherwise, any of these contents would not be allowed to be stored, published or distributed in our server.


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