4 Account Features

  True Domain
  Password Protected Directory
  International Domain   Full Custom Error Pages
  Access with / without "www"   Full Directly Security Control
  Web Base Control Panel    

4 E-mail Features

  POP3 Mail Boxes
  Unlimited E-mail Auto Responders
  Web Base E-mail   Unlimited E-mail Forwarders
  Mailing Lists    

4 Access Features

  FTP Telnet Accounts
  Web Base Control Panel
  Server Side Include   Web Base File Manager

4 Development Features

  Real Audio Streaming (via http)
  Java Scripts   Real Video Streaming (via http)
  PHP4   Macromedia Shockwave
  Perl / CGI   Macromedia Flash
  ASP / ASP.NET   Preinstalled Perl Modules
  MS Front Page Extensions 2002    

4 Software Installed

  Windows 2000 Server
  Hosting Controller Control Panel
  Internet Information Service 5   Mail Enable
  Active Server Page 3   Microsoft FTP Server
  Access   Microsoft Scripting Engine
  Microsoft DNS Server   Server Site XML
  Microsoft Front Page Extension 2002   Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit 1.0
  MS XML Parser   Microsoft .NET Framework
4 ASP Components

  ASP Simple Upload
  ASP Whois Version 3   aspSmartUpload
  Persists ASPEMAIL (Free Ver)    

4 Data Center and Networks

  Located in Hong Kong
  Fire Suppression
  Backup Power Generator   Video surveillance


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