• General Statistics. The summary statistics on the major parameters.
  • Activity Statistics. The total statistics of the days, average statistics of the hours of the day, of the days of the weeks and months.
  • Access Statistics. The statistics of accessing images, pages with singe view, entry resources of the searching systems, time of staying on site, site paths and view depth of the site.
  • Visitors. The statistics of the hosts and countries.
  • Referrers. The statistics of the referring pages and sites.
  • Search Engines. The statistics of the searching systems and phrases contains information about the page number of the searching result and in some cases about the country and the language of the interface.
  • Browsers and Platforms. The visits of the robots to your site, statistics of the browsers and operating systems used by the users.
  • Errors. The statistics on the 404 Errors and the total statistics on the other errors.
General Statistics  
Summary Yes
Activity Statistics  
Daily Yes
Average by Hour of Day Yes
Average by Day of Week Yes
Average by Month Yes
Resources Accessed  
Pages Yes
Entry Pages Yes
Exit Pages Yes
Time of Viewing Pages Yes
Images Yes
Files Yes
Directories Yes
File Types Yes
Path through Yes
View Depth  
Time of Viewing Site Yes
By hits Yes
By visits Yes
By bandwidth Yes
Bt stay length Yes
By countries Yes
Summary by Referrers Yes
Referring Sites Yes
Referring URLs Yes
Search Engines  
Top Search Engines Yes
Top Search Phrases Yes
Phrases By Search Engines Yes
Top Search Keywords Yes
Browsers and Platforms  
Top Browsers Yes
Top Operating Systems Yes
Spiders Yes
404 Errors Yes
Other Client Errors Yes

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